Free Webinar: Secret Art of Stock Valuation

About Webinar

The crux of Fundamental Analysis is to find the Real Value of a stock. The investment decisions are taken by comparing the Real Value with the Current price in various scenarios. It is this value which unfolds the growth potential of a stock. Ever wondered how to derive the Real Value? 

Well, there are many methods. The webinar will cover the methods of Stock Valuation and their applications. The session will be equally useful for beginners as well as experienced traders to learn the concepts of Valuation and different aspects involved in Fundamental Analysis. A must attend session for everyone who are Value Investor or aspire to become one.

What you will learn?

  • Steps involved in Stock Valuation
  • How to evaluate real value of a Stock so that Investment results in  highest probability of Success?
  • Learn when to Invest in the stock and when to book profit to maximize Profit and minimize Losses
  • How to evaluate the growth potential of a stock – Multibaggers Identification
  • Longterm Investment strategies

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