Multiplying Money With Algo Trading

More than 70% trading is done through Algorithmic trade system.


Free Webinar: Multiplying Money with Algo Trading

About Webinar

More than 70% trading is done through Algorithmic trade system in developed countries e.g. USA. Previously there were huge servers needed for Algo trade setup. With the influx of Cloud technologies it is possible for Retail investors to multiply wealth through Algo trading now. Do you fancy sitting idle and monitoring your Trade application multiplying your money through Algo trading? 

It is possible now. The webinar will provide the details of applications and components involved in Algo trade setup. The session will be equally useful for beginners as well as experienced traders to learn the strategies used for Algo Trading. A must attend session for everyone who would like to become smart and profitable Trader


What You Will Learn

  • Overview of Algo Trading
  • How to start Algo Trading?
  • Algo Trading setup
  • Overview of Strategies used for Algo Trading
  • How Trade Signal generates?
  • Risk management and Risk mitigation through Algo Trading
  • Longterm Investment strategies


Sunday, 28 JAN 2022
Time: 10:00AM to 12:00PM

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