Mastering Stock Valuations


    Webinar : Mastering Stock Valuations

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    Author: Varun Aggarwal

    What You Will Learn

    • Stock Valuations – Ways to find the “Real Value” of a stock – No prior background needed Course is good even for a complete Beginners
    • Valuation strategies used by top Investors in the world
    • Learn to evaluate the Growth potential and value waiting to be unlocked of a stock through proven methods
    • How to evaluate the Target price of a stock and Investment strategies
    • Risk Management Strategies – Learn Ratios to help identify the exit points to avoid losses before even picking up the trade.
    • Long term Investment strategies – Learn to ride the Growth journey of Value Stocks and create Portfolio of stocks from different Industry Sectors 

    Course Participants

    Newbie in Stock Market



    Seasonal Investors

    Long-term Investors

    This Course is for...

    • Newbie in Stock Market
    • Students to professional Traders wants to learn Stock valuation and Fundamentals Analysis
    • Traders who want to learn Value Investing and create portfolio of Stocks for Long-term
    • Seasonal Investors looking to get started with Value Investing and Stock picking strategies
    • Long-term Investors looking for methods to find Value Stocks and their Growth Potential 

    This Course Includes..

    • 2 days of intensive workshop including live market analysis & additional QnA session
    • FCFE Model
    • Expected Return Model
    • Time Machine Valuation Approach – Forward and Backward thinking
    • Ben Graham Valuation Model
    • Buffett Retention Test
    • DCF Valuation
    • Dhandho IV
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    I do not know anything about Stock Valuation - will this workshop benefit me?

    Yes! The workshop covers usage of various Ratios, it will be easy for you to begin right from start. You can go through this fast track course which will give you all the tools to take informed decisions while Stock picking. So even if you are new to Stock Analysis, the workshop will suit you.

    I've just started learning about Investments and Stock Market - will the workshop benefit me?
    I'm an Investor already will this workshop help me?
    What if I am not able to attend the live workshop?
    How will I join the online workshop?
    WILL I GET A COMPLETE TRAINING or do I have to buy any other "ADVANCED COURSE"?


    Date: 15 January, 2021

    Time: 10 AM - 2 PM (Break 12 - 12:30 PM)


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