Fundamental Analysis

Fundamental analysis is a stock valuation methodology arrived at by performing security analysis.

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Course Contents
  1. Financial Aspects & Myths:
  • Quality of Earnings
  • Quality of Management
  • Net Position of the Business
  • Net Performance of the business
  • What is fundamental analysis?
  • Why is fundamental analysis relevant for investing?
  • Identifying potential Multi-bagger stocks
  • Using PE/PB charts to identify fundamental opportunity
  • Trading Nifty & Bank Nifty using Dividend Yield, P/B, PE live data
  • Using Relative Valuation to pick quality gems
  • Understanding Graham Valuation & Intrinsic Value
  • Identifying hidden bargain & cash bargain stocks
  • Unlocking Hidden Bond component approach
  • Key Ratio Analysis
  • Stock Filters and Screeners :
    • Creating various filters using multiple approaches
    • Magic Formula for quality stocks
    • Moat Businesses for long term
    • Defensive Stocks
    • Peter Lynch approach
    • Turn around business
    • Undervalued growth stocks
    • Benjamin Graham and Buffett approach
    • Value Stocks
    • Low PE and High EPS stocks
    • Defensive Stocks
    • Bull Cartel Stocks
  • Understanding Discounting Methodology
    • CAPM Analysis
    • CRP Valuation
    • WACC
    • Buffett & Munger Approach for discounting
  • Financial Statement Analysis
    • Annual Report key points
    • Balance Sheet Analysis
    • Cash Flow Statement Analysis
    • Profit & Loss statement Analysis
  • Stock valuation using various models
    • FCFE Model
    • Expected Return Model
    • Time Machine Valuation Approach – Forward and Backward thinking
    • Ben Graham Valuation Model
    • Buffett Retention Test
    • DCF Valuation
    • Dhandho IV
  • Live Case Studies
    • Picking up 5-6 new stock idea’s for long term. Potential multi-bagger shares that can go 2x-5x-10x-50x. Applying live analysis on all these shares.

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